One of the greatest achievements of CACEL in recent years has been the agreement reached with the Town Hall of San Fernando to form part of the SAN FERNANDO PARK NAUTICAL CONSORTIUM. Among the many benefits of this association, the one that stands out is the agreement by which CACEL will hold the Argentine Boat Show at the Headquarters of the Nautical Park for the next 20 years.  This means that, after a long time, the maximum event of our sector will return to San Fernando the National Nautical Capital. After the confirmation of this venue as the new permanent headquarters of the Boat Show is the result of the extensive and successful management f CACEL has been working on for years, thus fulfilling a long-awaited desire of our industry.
• What is San Fernando Nautical Park?
The Consortium San Fernando Nautical Park Limited Company is a corporation created by the Town Hall of San Fernando to operate in the eastern coastal sector of the city, defined as “San Fernando Nautical Park”. Administering the public domain land in such a sector aims to execute urban recovery actions and be an instrument to promote productivity and services in the nautical sector, using for this purpose the resources generated by the operation of the company.
• Who are the members of the company?
The Consortium San Fernando Nautical Park is a public limited company, whose capital is constituted by 51% corresponding to the Municipality of San Fernando and 49% by the Argentine Chamber of Light Boat Builders (CACEL). CACEL is a business organization formed by shipyards and service suppliers of the nautical activity, which constitutes one of the most traditional economic activities with the greatest impact on job creation in the city.
• What does the San Fernando Nautical Park do?
The company has been granted concession of the following municipal properties:
•The Marina Punta Chica property and the Marina Puerto Chico property with a storage capacity of 550 boats.
A 60.000 m2 property, where a public access marina is to be built so that from 2005 the Argentine Boat Show will take place on site.
The operating marinas provide a range of services: boat mooring services, dry dock with all the services required by a boat, restaurant and social or cultural events room, boat sales offices, and so on.
At present, all the necessary work is being carried out in the area not only for the Argentine Boat Show to be held but also for the subsequent operation of a marina that will rank San Fernando as “National Nautical Capital”.
• What does the Nautical Park do with its profits?
According to the statute of its constitution, the organization is a commercial company whose profits cannot be distributed among the shareholders, since they are entirely destined to:
•Maintain and improve the current marinas in operation.
•Improve the San Fernando Nautical Park Area to facilitate the population’s access to the river and promote nautical activity.

The Consortium San Fernando Nautical Park Limited Company does not receive any type of state subsidy or exemption from the payment of taxes, for which it pays provincial rates and provincial and national taxes.
In addition, for the concession of the area, the Municipality of San Fernando is paid an important monthly fee consisting of a percentage of the company’s total turnover.
The Consortium’s directors do not receive any fee for their duties

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